Outdoor Fine Art & Editorial

Beauty & Boudoir Photography in North Carolina

Outdoors brings me life!

I grew up in Oregon and will proudly ALWAYS be a Tree Hugger! I shot a woman hugging a tree the other day and was like...why do I not have one of ME doing that!? It's on the list! It was so cool She loved it. I love it.

Anyway...the studio is amazing and classic. But the outdoors, given the right time of year, has it's own magic to provide. I love a classic outdoor nude. I mean, seriously. Can't get more timeless than a naked lady in the woods. My fave!

Another great option is white lacey outfits, or flowy dresses typically with the word "Goddess" in their title ;)

Look out for our weekend getaways where we combine wellness retreat with a beautiful shoot. First on our list was a waterfall shoot. Speaking of Goddess. That's exactly what I felt like. Standing naked on a rock in front of a waterfall. Screaming a warrior cry!!!