Outdoor Fine Art & Editorial

Beauty & Boudoir Photography in North Carolina

Outdoors brings me life!

I grew up in Oregon and will proudly ALWAYS be a Tree Hugger! I shot a woman hugging a tree the other day and was like...why do I not have one of ME doing that!? It's on the list!

Anyway...the studio is amazing and classic. But the outdoors, given the right time of year, has its own magic to provide. I love a classic outdoor nude. I mean, seriously. Can't get more timeless than a naked lady in the woods. My fave!

Another great wardrobe option is white lacey outfits, or flowy dresses typically with the word "Goddess" in their title ;)

Look out for our weekend getaways where we combine wellness retreat with a beautiful shoot. First on our list was a waterfall shoot. Speaking of Goddess. That's exactly what I felt like. Standing naked on a rock in front of a waterfall. Screaming a warrior cry!!!