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Downtown Raleigh's #1 Boudoir Photographer

Welcome to the Party!

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“Wow! I can't even imagine being nervous anymore. This is literally one of my favorite days of all time!”


To be a place where you can boldly and proudly be every side of yourself you want to tap into. Embrace the power of your femininity and/or masculinity, and everything in between. Whoever you are. Let’s party and create some epic art to remind you every day of the unique, beautiful creature you are. Cheers, friends.

“This is so freeing and empowering. EVERY WOMEN should do this!"”

Nude photograph wall art hanging up in a modern bedroom
Photo albums with fine art portraits on the cover of a ballerina

“Holy Sh*t. How long have you been doing this!? You're a magician.”

Hi, it's Me. I'm the Solution, it's Me ;)

Hey girl, hey! Whether you've been considering boudoir for months, years, or you stumbled upon my website through magical forces that are NOW making you think of boudoir, it's me! I'm your girl.

A few things about me:

  • I've had a camera in my hand since I was 15 and now I'm 40! When the F did that happen!?
  • My photography has been in magazines and billboards but my favorite place is on your wall! Where you get to walk by it every day and give yourself a second look. And be like..."DAAAAMN Girl, you are one hot, badass bitch. Get it!"
  • I'm a mom to a cool little dude that loves music, dancing, and taking shit apart and recreating it in his own way.
  • I am a published and international award-winning portrait photographer. So, that's fun to say!
  • I wanted to be a pole dancer at 18 but my religious upbringing scared me away. I now have a dance pole in my studio and it's a blast! I love me, my life, and my pole. And it feels SO GOOD not to worry about what anyone thinks about that.

“I'm so glad I stopped waiting! And just did it! I LOVE them! Literally obsessed.”

“It is fun being photographed by Susan! And then to see the pictures is like, “what? Is this real life? These are AMAAAZING!!” It’s an honor to even be able to hire her. She has an eye to capture moments on film that result in pieces of art. She has a special gift. Hire her!!”

About the Experience


🤍 It was absolutely incredible! Every single second, I loved.

🤍 At first, I was a little bit nervous… but Susan made me feel so comfortable.

🤍 We were just able to talk and have a good time.

🤍 I loved how there was music playing- it made the vibe very fun, very relaxed.

🤍 I had an amazing time.

🤍 By the end of it, I was just so excited to see all the rest of the pictures.

🤍 I absolutely loved it and I love Susan!

Throughout history, paintings, sculptures, and all forms of artwork have celebrated the woman’s body and have continually attempted to capture the woman's soul.

It's not hard to see why- women are freaking amazing, mysterious, and beautiful! In whatever physical form they are in.

black and white studio portrait of a women with a shirt falling off
topless boudoir portrait of a women in raleigh holding a sheer curtain over herself. mouth is shown.
black and white lifestyle portait of a women in downtown raleigh. putting hair behind her ear, wearing a lot of jewelry

“Susan was a dream to work with! She made me feel beautiful and calm. I love her work! She has an artistic eye that is hard to find. Highly recommended her!! ❤️”

"Damn, girl. You've sold me. I want in! Now what!?"

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2 Plan your dream shoot

3 Embrace Your Badassery


F*CK it! Let's Do it!

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Let's Have Some Fun! And Create Some Art!

Nude fine art portrait of a women wearing a sheer white skirt basking in the natural sunlight. in a studio in raleigh nc
two women sitting on the bed. one is the photographer holding up the camera and taking a photo of them on the bed
nude fine art boudoir potrait of a blonde women kissing a shower door and holding her boobs with her hands.

Why You Should Do This!

To embrace your strength and your vulnerability.

To create a constant reminder of how amazing you are.

Because you're worth it.

Because self-love is not selfish.

Because you deserve epic portraits.

Taking care of yourself and remembering your power is powerful.

You deserve to be celebrated and documented!

When you invest in yourself, you're making a statement that you're worth it.

People who invest in themselves go further!

Let's go! Why not!?


Before the Shoot

Fill out the contact form or book your session to get started! Then we'll set up a quick chat to go over details.

You'll receive our Beauty & Boudoir Prep Guide, inspirational Pinterest Boards, and wardrobe consultation.

Create an inspiring mood board and start getting excited! Plus...stretch! Lots of hydration and stretching before your shoot.

At the Shoot

A baddie walks into the studio. Oh, it's YOU! You're welcomed with a hug and a smile, and a quick studio tour. We'll nail down your looks, and decide where we'll shoot each outfit.

I'll guide you from head to toe with posing for flattering, beautiful shots, that you'll have a blast taking!

The full day is from 9am-4pm if you get hair & makeup done, or 10am-4pm if you do your own.

After the Shoot

You'll take a lunch break while I prep your images and then come back SAME DAY to bask in the glory of the epic art we just created, choose your top portraits, and purchase your package.

3-4 Weeks after it is paid in full, you'll be holding the Fine Art of YOU, in your hands!

Pre-payment and post-payment plans available.

“Fear is stupid, so are regrets.”

Marilyn Monroe



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Still Have Questions?

If these don't answer them, send me a message! I got you, love.


Where are you based? And do you travel?

I have a beautiful natural light studio downtown Raleigh, on Hargett St. Down the road from Raleigh Times, and right above Raleigh Raw. It's a cool historic building with exposed brick and downtown city views.

I love travelling! But I have a baby so I don't like leaving too often so it's pretty limited right now. But it's possible :) And so fun when it works out!!!

I give out-of-towners suggestions on local places to stay and what to do while you're here. You can make a little weekend out of it!

What days do you shoot?

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm
Most people take a vacation day for their celebratory shoot! Playing hooky adds to the self-love experience :)

What are your rates?

Sessions are $499. Digitals, albums, prints, and artwork sold separately.
Packages start at $1299 for 10 Portraits in an 8X8 Album. Payment plans are available.

What should I wear?

Great question! It'll depend on what kind of session we're doing and what you want to feel when looking at the images. We'll review all of this and give suggestions before the shoot! I also have a wardrobe collection you can browse through and use!

Will you help me with posing?

YES!!! That's one of my main jobs. I'm here to make your life easy! I'll help you feel confident and be with you each step of the way.

Can I bring a friend to the shoot?

We want the day to be all about YOU. So we ask friends to come another time, during a day all about them :)

How much editing will you do?

I do general color correction and soften the skin just a touch. I remove things that are not permanent like bruises or acne.

A painterly Fine Art edit is one of my favorites! It's fun to do one or two images for wall art. And is a great add-on to your other images that will be included in an album.

Will my images be shared online?

Up to you! You give me permission to share what you're comfortable with. Of course, I appreciate it when I can share images for marketing!

Do you sell digital files?

Ideally, Albums, Prints, and Wall Art are ordered with me to ensure professional printing and color correction.
Digital files large enough to print a 5x7 and are available for purchase if that's what you prefer.
We also have collections that have it all if you can't decide :)

How soon will I get my pictures back?

You'll view your images same day or 2 weeks after your session via Google Meet. Depending on the kind of session you book. Packages are purchased at your viewing.

Once the order is paid in full, the order will be placed. Albums and artwork will be delivered 3-4 weeks after ordering. Rush is available if needed.

When do I pay?

The non-refundable retainer fee is due to book and confirms your shoot date.

Most clients book 2-4 months ahead of time.

The day of your shoot you'll purchase your package. I accept Venmo and all major credit cards. Payment plans are also available. Products are ordered once payment has been paid in full.

Do you photograph men?

Yes! I specialize in humans that identify as women, but I do offer headshots, personal branding, and tasteful boudoir for men.

Do you shoot couples?

I haven't yet! But do plan to offer it in the future. Stay tuned for a model call!

I have more questions!!!

No problem. I got you! Email me at hello@susandelene.com, fill out the contact form or book a call! Hope to talk soon!