About the Artist.

Hi, I am Susan Delene.

I am a published, international, award-winning professional photographer.

And...a total goofball. A mom. A friend.

Like many of us I've struggled with self-acceptance. Especially after the identity crisis I went through after having a baby.

What Photography Means to Me

It's one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. It is a reminder of the beauty that you are, that you can sometimes struggle to see. It did wonders to do self-portraits after I had a baby. I was reminded that though I'm not the same art piece I used to be. But I'm still art. I'm still me. I'm just another, beautiful, different version. And I love her, too.

One of my favorite things ever is taking pictures of other people, and I've done it since I was a kid. I had the opportunity to play in the darkroom in high school and study with the New York Institute of Photography. Plus, be a class assistant at a photography school in Venice Beach, where I got to learn under some incredible photographers. 

A friend convinced me to enter photos into a contest, and I won a top ten slot in an international portrait competition. Plus, a top ten slot in Raleigh's Artsplosure art show where I was competing against drawing, painting, and mixed media. Boy, did I feel cool! 

From there, it opened up doors to do some professional editorial jobs. And again, I felt so cool. And then...I got scared. What if I keep trying, and I'm not as good? I'm so passionate about photography; I knew it would be devastating if I failed. So. I stopped pursuing it to avoid failure. I got a great job, and I got to do photography as part of it - which was incredible!

But I stopped pursuing my portrait work.

When I was young...

Before fear crept in, I had some pretty fun experiences with photography.

Me, after a "Mary Kay Makeover", in my favorite bodysuit | 90s

Glamour Shots

I was always a fan of getting dolled-up and getting my pictures taken! Then in my early 20's I worked for you guessed it, the real deal. Glamour Shots! It was amazing.

I later had an even cooler job giving makeovers to hospital employees and doing their glamour shots. So many of them had never taken the time to get a professional picture of themselves. It was quite a treat reminding them they were beautiful and worth celebrating!

Me, behind-the-scenes, working at my first studio | 2001

My First Photography Job

I was so excited at 18 to work at a photography studio! We specialized in senior pictures in the studio, and then I would travel to do cheesy yearbook photos for all ages.

The thing I remember most was dropping the van keys in the toilet on one of my first road trips. I was like "gross...gross...gross!" but started reaching for the keys when...SWOOSH! The strongest automatic flush I had ever encountered. Great way to start the job.

Let's Get Over Our Fears!

Let's flush our fears of the camera down the toilet! I'm now excited and willing to call myself a professional photographer. It's time, all. Let's do this!!! Let's capture YOU and all your wonderfulness!!!

Fine Art Photography

You Are Fine Art, my Dear!

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