Welcome to the liberating experience of fine art beauty & boudoir!

This is a project very dear to my heart. I did my own self-portrait 20 years ago and at the time thought it was a gift for someone else but soon realized it was MUCH MORE of a gift to myself. I can't wait to share this magical experience with you.

For a deeper look into our boudoir sessions, visit our site dedicated to boudoir. RaleighBoudoir.com

"Her affirmations before, during, and after my shoot were genuine. It was not awkward at all (and I am awkward)."


"Susan's site spoke to me. It seemed feminine, empowering, and comfortable... and it reflected her personality perfectly! From the first time we met, I felt like I was talking to an old friend." -R

What is Fine Art Beauty and Boudoir Photography?

It's a love letter to yourself.

A day to be pampered and feel like a model for the day!

It's a celebration of you! And everything that makes you, you!

A time to celebrate your own unique beauty.

Embrace the parts you used to hide.

It's an act of self-love.

A time to stand tall and say to your body "I love you."

I love you for everything you are and everything you've been through.

It's a thank you to yourself.

During the shoot, you can be as revealing or as covered up as you would like.

We'll create art you can show your grandmother or grandchildren. And maybe a few that you keep just for you or a special someone ;)

“It is fun being photographed by Susan! And then to see the pictures is like, “what? Is this real life? These are AMAAAZING!!” It’s an honor to even be able to hire her. She has an eye to capture moments on film that result in pieces of art. She has a special gift. Hire her!!”

"The pictures are tasteful, realistic (aka not over-touched), and flattering. They show who I am: strong, beautiful, empowered, and confident, and I could not be more grateful for the experience and the final products!" -A

Let's Do This!

Get started by filling out the form. As much or as little as you would like. And I'll follow up with 24 hours M-F, 9-5 to set up a call or answer any questions. Excited to meet you and take some empowering portraits of you!

Retainer Session fee is $397 and includes inspiration boards, prep guides, hair & makeup styling, 60 minute session, 3 looks, and same-day viewing & ordering session. All digitals and products are sold separately. Products start at $997.

Raleigh Boudoir by Susan Delene

For a deeper look into our boudoir sessions, visit our site dedicated to boudoir. RaleighBoudoir.com